Official Notice!

It's official.  I've wanted to do this for so long!
I am on YouTube! (((Yay Me!)))
Please check out my first two of MANY videos and let me know what you think!

No "g"

I'd LOVE ideas too(though I have about 30 ideas already!)


Meet Lyle & Ottis

Meet Lyle & Ottis
Ottis is the cow on the left
Lyle is the cow on the right
Ottis belongs to us
Ottis is too cute!
Too Bad
We're gonna eat'em!


White & Black

Some recent artwork from Bethanne and Rachel....Enjoy!

The owl was done by Rachel.  It is a "scratchboard" art piece.  The white background is covered in a black substance you etch off.  Basically you're doing a pen/pencil drawing in reverse.

The Seahorse was done by Bethanne.  She hand drew the seahorse and used a technique called "Pointalism" to create the effects you see.  All the shading is created by the dots of a black pen.


Easter Treat

      He is RISEN!....He is risen INDEED!

Here is a little treat you can make for the kids OR with the kids OR geesh!....
they can make them themselves!

White Melting Chips, melted & sweet
Fried Chow Mein Noodles, crunchy & salty
Cadbury Mini Eggs, chocolate surprise!


Kickin' It Farm Style!

It's that time of year at the Ruffs....time to do a major project either in our house or yard.  This year: a Gigantic Garden! (we gotta feed these kisds!)  We rented a tractor and removed a whole bunch of trees and leveled our back yard.  Here are pictures from our first weekend of work.
Those darn tree stumps are hard to get out.....

....we resorted to using hand shovels!...then we rented a stump grinder...that didn't work....hired a guys with a massive stump grinder...that worked! 

The Ruff Girls: doing some Spring clean-up.  They fastened a large tarp to the back of the mower and drug it around; collecting pin needles.

Dave taught Adam to drive the Tractor.  Adam spent probably 12 hours on this machine!  He has a natural gift, he's all grins!

3 dump trucks full of compost.

That's ME!  Dave taught me how to run the tractor too!  I spent about 45 minutes running it. 

Look at the giant stump I dug up and pulled out!

Gotta end the blog with a little SugarBeeps!!!